Grouting Techniques

Specialty grouting strengthens target areas in the ground and controls ground water flow through rocks and soils by reducing their permeability. Grouting is applicable to both new construction projects and to repair and maintenance work. Other applications include excavation support, settlement control and geo-environmental services such as diaphragm (slurry) walls to protect adjacent ground from contamination.

Soilcrete® Jet Grouting

Jet Grouting is an erosion/replacement system that creates an engineered, in situ soil/cement product known as Soilcrete®. Effective across the widest range of soil types, and capable of being performed around subsurface obstructions and in confined spaces, jet grouting is a versatile and valuable tool for soft soil stabilization, underpinning, excavation support and groundwater control.

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Soilfrac® Compensation Grouting

Soilfrac® is a process used to control or reverse the settlement of structures. It consists of the injection of material into the soil between the foundation to be controlled and the process causing the settlement. The material injected is forced into fractures thereby causing an expansion to take place counteracting the settlement that occurs or producing a controlled heave of the foundation.

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Compaction Grouting

This technique is ideal for remediating or preventing structural settlements. When applying the compaction grouting process usually a stiff to plastic grout is injected into the soil under pressure. It expands in the soil as a relatively homogeneous mass and at the same time is forming almost ball-shaped grout bulbs. The soil surrounding the grouted area is displaced and at the same time compacted. Compared to other grouting techniques, the grout material neither penetrates into the pores of the in-situ soil (as is the case with the classical injection) nor are local cracks formed (as is the case with the Soilfrac® technique).

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