Our Safety Framework

Safety has always been an important part of how we go about our work and never more so than today. Our Group is made up of businesses of varying sizes operating around the world, often in challenging environments. It is essential that, as we continue to grow and move into new regions, we can be sure that our approach to safety is equally rigorous, no matter whereabouts in the world, or on which projects we are working.

To promote our safety and that of colleagues and others impacted by our work, Keller has adopted the Keller Safety Framework. This is a system which links together different aspects of our safety management, including our Safety Goal, Principles, Policy and Minimum Standards.

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The 3 Safety Principles

  • All accidents are preventable

    We believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable.

    We are all responsible for preventing and correcting unsafe behaviour or work conditions.

  • No repeat occurences

    Reportable accidents and high potential near misses will be investigated to determine what happened and why.

    All necessary steps will be taken to prevent recurrence.

  • Minimum standards

    – Leadership, Management and Values
    – Hazard and Risk Identification and Mitigation
    – Objectives and Continual Improvement
    – Competence and Communication
    – Procurement and Asset Management
    – Incident and Emergency Management
    – Assurance
    – Document Control and Records
    – Compliance with Think Safe Rules

Think Safe

In this video, Keller’s Think Safe framework and principles are highlighted by our American sister company, Hayward Baker.