Earth Retention

Anchors, nails and minipiles can provide temporary or permanent solutions for a wide range of stability or support problems and are often used to underpin or stabilise buildings, slopes and embankments.


Rock and soil anchors offer an economical solution to temporary or permanent stability or support problems. Designed to withstand lateral and uplift forces, these structural members are typically used with temporary, deep excavation support systems, as a part of permanent retaining walls, for dam stabilization, or to resist wind-produced uplift forces.

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Underpinning of settling or deteriorating foundations, and support of footings for increased capacity are prime candidates for minipile installation, particularly where headroom is limited or access restricted. These small diameter friction and/or end bearing elements can transfer ultimate loads of up to 350 tons to a competent stratum.

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Soil Nailing

When soil nails, usually relatively short steel bars, are inserted into the face of a soil slope, and the surface is then sprayed with grout, a zone of stabilized earth is produced. This zone performs like a gravity retaining wall to support the unreinforced ground. Soil nail walls are used for embankment stabilization, or for excavation support.

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Video – Anchoring

This project was executed by Keller Austria in which they installed anchors for a slope wall. A complete anchoring project from start to finish.